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our practice

Holden Architects, founded in 1981, is a full-service professional design firm with a national presence. The company’s practice is diversified, with emphasis on the design of hospitality, institutional, educational, and food service facilities. The firm is regional to the southeastern portion of the United States and holds licenses in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Florida, and Mississippi.

The firm’s capabilities extend through all aspects of the architectural design field. By keeping pace with the latest trends, technology and products, Holden Architects is able to respond to the needs of today’s clients. Handsome, functional architecture, energy-efficient mechanical and electrical systems, and comfortable, productive interiors are results that Holden Architects clients expect and receive from the firm’s corporate/ commercial design specialists.

our team

A spirit of genuine collaboration is at the heart of the Design Team’s process. Our focused design studios initiate each project with creativity and inspiration. We earn the trust and confidence of our clients by involving them throughout the process as active members of a team dedicated to their project from concept through completion.

Holden Architects, with its devoted team of Architects, Architectural Interns, and Interior Designers meet all your project challenges and needs. Our diversity among architects, interns, software, and skill creates an environment fostering creativity and problem solving. The size and efficiency of the team affords us the ability to handle large projects, but our attention to detail ensures that clients still develop a personal relationship with their team leader and project manager.



In the past 10 years our designers have been responsible for more than 5 million square feet of office, retail, food service, research, laboratory, academic, collegiate resident dining and collegiate athletic space. In the past 3 years the firm has provided architectural or consulting services for 11 universities and 14 hospitals in the southeastern and southwestern US. Holden Architects design process emphasizes commitment, communication, and coordination, and begins with the commitment to provide each client with high-quality, responsive service.

Design, evolving out of an interactive planning process that combines discussion, listening, creativity, and teamwork, is a direct response to a client’s program requirements and financial resources. Our goal is to design innovative architectural solutions on time and within the budget.